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Our plans are as customized as our services.
Pick the one that works the best for you.
I need a Codepilot

Single, Pre-Configured

One problem
one solution

$150 / mo
$600 Setup cost
  •  Single, Automated Solution. 
    Maintained and Supported,
  • Access Your Data
    From Any Location
  • Export Your Data
    Into Any Format
  • E-mail Support
    (24 hr. Response Time)
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • No Seats!
    Licensed per Team


solutions to every problem

$1,800 / mo
  • As Many Active Scenarios as Needed.
  • One Additional Custom Solution
    (Only One/Month)
  • Weekly Consultations
    via Video Conference
  • E-mail, Chat, and Phone Support
    (Average chat response, only 15min.)
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • No Seats!
    Licensed per Team

Single, One-Time

Extras and

Call Us
  • Connect Services-to-Services 
  • Transfer Data from CRM-to-CRM
  • Transfer Data Spreadsheets-to-CRM
  • General Consultations
  • Outbound Marketing Consultation
  • Call to Learn More!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodePilot?

We are a "productized" automation service - a new type of platform that allows you to gain access to top-notch and high-touch automation analysts who will automate anything (or everything) for your business.

Are you dabbling in magic?

While some of our customers regularly call us magicians, we are not dabbling in the dark arts (insert Harry Potter pun here). Instead, we have created a platform that allows our analysts to quickly create and configure solutions for your business - many of which can be continuously reused. We connect your software services together while also fully maintaining and supporting those services on your behalf.

As a recently-founded company, how many data points do you process?

Our company launched in early 2016, with a select few customers as pilots. They helped us see bottlenecks and ways to improve our service. To date, we have processed over 30 million events, and as of August 2016 we are processing over 1.4 Million events weekly (with regular spikes).

How does your platform perform under pressure?

Our technology uses background workers in a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, scheduled and enabled in response to external events. These worker services run in repeatable cloud storage containers that can be easily scaled to many millions of events per hour. At CodePilot, we also automate ourselves, so scaling up is a simple, automated process for us, too.

Can you break down the cost?

Hiring a software developer to build interconnected and automated systems, maintain those systems, and ensure that they are constantly functional and accessible could cost upward of $100,000/year. So, the value in our pricing is readily apparent. We strive to remain mindful of each customer's needs, so we expanded access to our platform for organizations of every size by offering plans to fit any budget.

You appear similar to services such as Zapier, so what's the difference?

In regard to our platform, we have a good deal in common, but that's where most similarities end. Our analysts are constantly creating new ways to save time via automation, and they actively interact with our premium customers on a daily basis. This means that you'll see fully maintained and managed solutions coming from our backlog each month that can be implemented right away. Plus, our analysts are awesome people to work alongside.

Why only one custom solution per month?

We could do more, but that involves some very difficult demand and supply calculations for our humans at CodePilot (our analysts), and we value their ability to devote time to implementing fully-automated solutions for our customers. In addition, they provide service and support for many running solutions, so we artificially limit our output. For urgent custom automation solutions, our parent company - Twin Engine Labs - may be better equipped to meet your business' needs. Don't worry, they don't bite.

Do you send business-to-business (B2B) emails for your customers?

We help combine services and products for greater impact of outbound marketing by securely sending emails at higher volumes than personal email accounts such as Gmail. Our ultimate goal is to assist in automating your sales departments' outbound B2B efforts, while simultaneously offering integrations with the excellent inbound tools at our disposal.